Rickety Bridge Winery is not affected by loadshedding.

Rickety Bridge Collection

Between the picturesque hills of the Dassenberg and the Franschhoek River, the cultivation area offers ideal conditions to produce top quality wines.

There is proof that today’s Rickety Bridge has been active as a farm since the end of the 17th century when Huguenot farmers claimed the land for themselves. Until the foundation in 1990 it was part of the La Provence farm.

Until 1997, the original state of the historic concrete wine cellar and subterranean tanks was completely identifiable yet had to be redone and modernised in the course of arising renovation works.

Since the turn of the millennium, the new cellar contains modern cooling systems as well as a capacity of 500 tons of grapes. The focus is laid on perfection, passion and emotion in the production of wine. Additionally, there is the unusually good location with various types of soil that enable the cultivation of different kinds of grape varieties. Numerous awards for the Rickety Bridge wines speak a clear language.

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